Snowpack and Rivulets

When I saw the daily word prompt this morning, I read a couple of posts to find out how the word of the day inspired other bloggers. Today someone wrote a short poem about rivulet being another boring, uninspiring word. Au contraire!

Rivulets: the little streams of water that trickle down the mountains when the snow melts or after it rains.

I love to run in the rain. Jumping over puddles and running in the rivulets, I am one with nature. I love bodies of water no matter the size: oceans, lakes, rivers, mountain streams, creeks, waterfalls, rivulets.

Living in a semi-arid environment, I don’t take rivulets for granted. I have experienced drought. This year, the Colorado snowpack is far below normal. Ninety percent of the state is abnormally dry. I worry about wildfires this summer. There won’t be as much runoff to supply the water we need. Not so many rivulets.

Seasons changing. Soil nourished by spring rains and rivulets of water from melting snow. The earth coming alive after a long winter. Flowers blooming.

I find this riveting.

via Daily Prompt: Rivulet

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