Trust in God’s Loving Protection

My church studied the First Epistle of John in a sermon series on “Living Deep.” My pastor handed out a list of fourteen steps to help us go deeper in our faith walk. Step two is Trust in God’s Loving Protection.

Trust in God’s Loving Protection

When I think about God’s loving protection, I can’t help but recall the times when I narrowly escaped physical harm. But God’s protection is also emotional and spiritual. In the Book of Psalms, I read of David’s trust in God’s loving protection. The Lord was David’s rock, redeemer, fortress, and refuge just as he is mine. With my reading list in mind, I reflect on what God’s protection means to me.


Trusting in my Father’s Protection

I am your beloved child.
You hold me so close,
no one can snatch me
out of your hands.

When I’m tossed around
by the storms of life
You calm the raging seas
and bring me peace.

Your love is perfect;
it drives out my fear.
I will not be dismayed,
for you are my God.

A day of evil has come
and I prepare to stand
in the power of your name
with your gospel of peace.

You are a mighty fortress,
the rock on which I stand.
Your love gives me strength
to battle the darkness.

I don your full armor..

the shield of my faith,
the belt of your truth,
the sword of your Spirit.

Standing against evil,
I will act justly
I will be merciful
I will walk humbly.

The One who is in me
is greater than the one
who is in the world.
With you I overcome.

Reading List:

Psalm 18:2, 91:14, 139:5-12
Isaiah 41:10
John 10:28, 17:11-15
1 John 4:4, 18, 5:1-5
Ephesians 6:13-17

Image of Christ walking on the sea, by Amédée Varint, [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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